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Patient information system allows healthcare institutions to manage their operation and serve patients better.

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iPacienti System is a customizable, comprehensive, and integrated Hospital Management System designed to manage all hospital operations.

This hospital management software helps you to be aware of revenue streams, patient records, and other critical metrics in real-time.

It is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a hospital’s operations such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance.

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Hospital Management System brings together all the information and processes of a hospital, in a single platform. It presents you with a unified view for managing patients, doctors, inventory, appointments, billing information, finances and much more.


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The hospital management system helps register complete patient information. It captures and stores the medical history, treatment required, details of their previous visits, upcoming appointments if any, reports, insurance details and more.


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It helps eliminate the need to get these details on every visit. This enables the doctor to focus more on the treatment and improves the patient experience. There are three modules: Doctors Module, Nurse’s Module, Administrator’s Module.Each of them has their rights and privileges.

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Some of the top benefits of implementing an HMS are role-based access control, processing speed and results, cost effective, appointment booking, data security and retrieving ability, quality and compliance

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Processing speed and results

Information regarding the patients, and their past clinical data and more can be done quickly.

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Cost Effective

Track and control finances, reduce leakages as well as reduce manual work.

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Reduction in Errors

Reducing different types of errors that made through interventions like missing billing, operational failure, cost leakages, missing appointments etc.

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Data security and retrieving ability

Has high data security and you can easily access the operational, clinical and financial data of your hospitals.