Doctor module

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The Visits page lists all current patient visits for today that the nurse adds. The doctor must click on the visit to end it. It has the ability to filter pending visits, completed ones and all. The daily amount is presented in euros and the doctor can print the daily report.

Adding Visit

All previously registered patients are listed where the doctor can add a new visit for that patient, to export the list of patients, change the patient and show his history. He can filter the patient by name, parent name, surname as well as based on the patient's diagnoses.

New visit

At the New Visit the patient data is shown and can see the previous visits, copy the last visit, choose the examinations, tests, diagnoses, therapies, which are predefined. To complete the visit he must field the total amount per visit.

Add patient

The doctor can add a patient by choosing the date of the visit and after saving it is directed to new visit.


The Patients page lists patients where the doctor can filter them by name, modify them and show the history.

Patient history

The patient's history shows the patient information and all his completed visits, where the doctor can change the visit and show the visit report.


Annual, monthly, weekly income report.

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Nurse module

The nurse’s module allows patient registration and modification, printing the visit report, recording patient appointments for a specific date and...

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Administrator module

The administrator can also be a doctor he has all the rights of a doctor and more. The administrator’s module allows administrators to manage users...

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